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Like Magic

Like Magic

short film, Portage films

writer, producer, director

The short film revels in the sleight of hand that magic,trust, and love require! Visit the official web site...

Dog Party

My Life

music video, Dog Party

director, editor

Everyday Heroes

tv environmental magazine, Joel Tatum & Pascal Marcotte


The show went on to air on cable in the Los Angeles and Chicago markets as Tatom's Wildlife Heroes.

El Salvador

ABC News at 10

news coverage, ABC Television

photographer, sound man

Covered the 1989 & 1994 elections in war-torn El Salavador with Francisco Menendez. Footage from our ’89 coverage opened the Sunday night edition of ABC News at 10 nationally.



feature film, Francisco Menendez

associate producer, actor




Medio Tiempo

Medio Tiempo — Part Time

short film, UNLV

Official selection of the 2001 Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival. Recurring screenings on Showtime Network's Latino Filmmaker Showcase.

China Beach

China Beach

tv series, Warner Bros. Television

Cast by Academy Award-winner Diane Keaton to act opposite Emmy Award winner Dana Delany. (I was bouncing up and down with excitment just to be in the same room with these ladies!)

Brave & Stupid

Brave & Stupid

short films — Five Shot Films

The Strange Marriage of Samuel Baskin

The Strange Marriage of Samuel Baskin

short film, Five Shot Films

Induction Center

Induction Center

short film, Jim Rohrig


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